Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015 / by Emma McKenzie

Emma McKenzie – ME Social Media Contributor

Curious to know what’s going to be trending in digital marketing this year?

Companies are leaving behind traditional advertising, as 2015 is already shaping up to see businesses further develop their online presence. Having knowledge of rising trends can help you embrace change and see your digital marketing efforts succeed. So, you better keep up!

We have compiled 3 marketing predictions that we believe are successful and important factors to consider in 2015.

Here are our top 3 predictions:

Mobile is a Must

Mobile phone internet user penetration worldwide is said to be 52% in 2015 according to Statista. This means you should endeavour to improve your website for a mobile friendly experience. If you have a marketing to-do list for 2015, you should highly consider equipping your consumers with a website that can be viewed on a mobile device. Whether you’re for it or against it, the digital marketing industry will be forced to include mobile into their mix as consumers are increasingly viewing content via mobile devices.

Social Media Advertising Is Here To Stay

If you’re thinking of your marketing budget for 2015, it would be wise to include social media advertising. Beginning in January 2015, Facebook is set to make changes to the newsfeed. This means if you want to promote products and services to your followers you will need to use Facebook advertisements to get noticed. Instagram’s sponsored advertisements are another addition to the social media marketing spectrum. So, you need to stay on your toes in 2015 to make sure your posts do not go unnoticed in the busy world of social media.

Website & Social Media Need to Work Together

If your social media accounts and website are not connected, you better get to it fast! According to Guamina, websites that have integrated social media have seen an increase in user traffic and user involvement. By connecting your website and social accounts you are strengthening your company’s digital marketing strategy, where in 2015 this is a must. Additions to your website such as social buttons and social login options, are simple and effective ways to do so.

This year, the digital marketing world is expected to see a lot of change in how people are interacting and consuming content online. As change is constant, new trends are inevitable in 2015. The hardest task for your business will be to stay on top of ever-changing trends. This should be of high importance as you only get back what you put in. By investing time into enhancing your digital marketing presence, you should expect to see both exposure benefits and profitable benefits.

What do you think will be trending in digital marketing for 2015? Leave a comment below.