5 Elements a Video Needs to Go Viral on Facebook / by Emma McKenzie

Emma McKenzie – ME Social Media Contributor

Ever wondered how videos on Facebook go viral? Well, we can tell you it’s no accident! There’s no posting and hoping for the best.

When your video “go’s viral” it means that you have captured the audience’s attention in a massive way. So much, that it gains an incredible amount of publicity that your video ends up being the latest and greatest thing. Your video will be liked, commented on, shared, and trended on Facebook which will result in you being up to your eyeballs in views!

We have compiled 5 elements that you or your business should consider when posting a video on Facebook. The result, (if your video does go viral) your brand's reputation will become increasingly well-known and recognisable.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

First things first, make a marketing plan. Making a viral video takes a lot of planning before, during and after the video has been let loose in the Newsfeed. By having a strategy, you are giving your video a fighting chance to be relevant. Why would you put time and effort into making the video, only to give up once it’s been posted? Yes, going viral relies a great deal on sheer luck but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the parts you can control! Don’t end up asking yourself “What if I had done more?” So, make a marketing plan! Keep on reading as we show you how.

It’s All About Timing

People love to scroll the Newsfeed when they’re bored or on break at work. It may not seem like the most likely day to release a video on Facebook, but Monday or Tuesday is the day to do it! Posting on these days allows for the video to gain momentum throughout the working week.

If you happen to post your video on a slow news day, you have instantly upped your chances of reaching more people. This can work in your favour, as Facebook users are not distracted by one big event and therefore people are open to smaller stories.

Avoid posting on weekends, they can decrease the chance of your video going viral as your possible reach will be lower. Also, be mindful of holidays, people won’t be at work!

Easy Access

Make it easy for people to view and search for your video. It is a good idea to ask your friends and partner companies to share it to get the ball rolling!

If your video isn’t set on ‘public’ view then it has absolutely no chance of going viral. The whole point of posting a viral video is to gain the maximum amount of views on it. This may seem like a no brainer to some, but check this before posting!


Pull on the Heartstrings

Once you have successfully managed to get your friends to share your video, the next challenge is getting their friends to share it and generating a dominos effect. But, what will make people share your video in the first place? Emotion. Karen Cheng, the mastermind behind her viral video, says people on Facebook tend to share things when they are emotionally moved.

Select your emotions to target carefully, as some spread better than others. Karen says, for example, awe, excitement, amusement, compassion, anger, and anxiety are emotions that spread. Contentment and sadness are examples of those that don’t.

Keep it Short and Sweet

The length of your video is a crucial element in the rise of it becoming viral. One of the first things people do when they are scrolling the Newsfeed, is check how long a video is before watching it. They then decide whether they press play or not.

Put yourself in the shoes of a Facebook user, would you watch a video that was 10 minutes long? No way. How about 2 minutes? Why not. 30 seconds? Might as well. Condense your video until it is the shortest it can be, but still keep the main point and focus. This will take time but it’ll be worth it.

We don’t want to be blunt, but making a video swim in the vast Facebook sea is extremely difficult! You may do everything in your power to enhance your video’s viral chances, but somehow your video will still sink.

However, what you can do is improve your chances of reaching a viral result through the elements you can control, while realising that much of going viral on Facebook involves getting a lucky break and having good fortune. So, we wish you the best of luck!

If you have any tips or stories on making a video go viral on Facebook please comment below!