New Facebook Changes: How They Affect Your Business / by Emma McKenzie

Emma McKenzie – ME Social Media Contributor

Your Facebook page can play a big role in your business’ online success. It is a free and easy way to maintain your online presence and allows you to engage with current and future customers. Your Facebook page can be accessed through a variety of devices, including desktop, mobile and tablets. Furthermore, your page allows you to showcase your business through photos, videos, links, plain text and events which can enhance engagement with followers.

Recently, Facebook has made some advertising changes that your business should be aware of in order to stay in the loop!

Relevancy Score

Facebook is incorporating a tool that will allow you to see how your followers are responding to your advertisements. The Relevance Score tool will be based around positive and negative feedback. Ads receive a score between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest. Your score will either go up or down depending on customer interaction and responses. For example, if your advertisement gains likes, shares, or clicks your Relevance Score will increase. This also works in the opposite way, if followers choose not to see your advertisements then your relevance score will decrease.

This new change will allow your business to see how well your advertisements are performing. This feature can be used to trial an advertisement before launching a whole campaign, as well as be used to enhance campaigns that are already running. Don’t forget, at the end of the day your business’ goal is to make a profit! Having a good Relevance Score doesn’t necessarily mean your income is going to increase. Use this tool only as a guide for your advertising endeavours.

Photos vs. Videos

If your business is already posting content in the forms of photos, videos, links and plain text then that’s great! But, are you aware that your photo posts may not be having the same positive effect as they once were?

Socialbakers, a social media analytics company, say photo posts via Facebook business pages are drawing the lowest reach and engagement results from customers. Socialbakers said that photo posts over the period of October 2014 and February 2015 had the lowest organic reach, where 3 out of 100 (3.7%) business page followers would see a photo post during this period. Video posting through organic reach is up 8.7%, followed by plain text posts 5.8%, and link posts 5.3%.

Don’t give up entirely on photos though! We suggest you post a combination of videos, links, plain text and photos. Try to post photos amongst your other forms of content to give your followers a range of posts to interact with. Your business should aim to directly upload videos (not copy YouTube links) as this type of posting is gaining favourable organic reach. However, don’t overload your business page with video posts, as this type of content could have the same downfall as photo posting!

Embrace these Facebook changes and work them to your business’ advantage. You can use the Relevance Score tool to trial advertisements on your Facebook page and work out what your target audience wants to see. How about creating a video advertisement and testing its success with the Relevance Score tool? Now, there’s an idea!

How is your business combating these changes? Tell us in a comment below.